Ever wondered why some properties with the exact same specifications get sold higher than the asking price, on the other hand, some struggle to get offers?

I strongly believe that every property has a certain type of buyer who would call it their dream home to live in or as an investment. It is often the case of the wrong positioning, pricing and timing of the property which fails to attract the right buyer. The median property price in Sydney today has reached over a $1,000,000, To make matters worse for the vendor’s perspective the banks have tightened their lending policies along with restrictions on overseas investment, this means that an agents now can’t just click HD quality photos and advertising on online platforms and expect buyers pouring into market with offers. To get you top dollar for your property, Agents would have to do a lot more than just negotiate to get above the asking price.

Preparing to position your property prior to putting it into the market is what will depend on a successful outcome. Here are my top 5 tips to get your property ready.

1) Painting and Wall Repairs:

The first thing a potential buyer sees as they approach your property are the walls, so it’s in your best interest to get them looking their best. Compared to the competition, chipping paint or generally untidy or walls in bad need of a repair usually won’t make the cut for most buyers.

If you’re thinking about repainting your home, you might want to steer clear of brighter bolder colours, as these will fade quickly.  At Sen Real Estate we have a specialised team of Interior designers, experts in consulting what’s best for your property to upgrade it’s value.

2) Improve your windows and doors:

Windows and doors have a huge impact visually for both interior and exterior. Most buyers will notice them to determine the safety and security of the structure. When selling your home, windows and doors can have a huge influence over potential buyer’s decision and impression of your property. Newer windows will give better energy ratings, which saves you money on their heating and air conditioning bills.

3) Landscape Gardening:

Your front yard usually gives an indication of just how well the property is maintained and how much care and effort the owner has put into the property overall. It is critical to have no weeds or excessively long patches of grass crowding what should otherwise be a fresh and inviting area of your property. People are very visual; the front yard is the snapshot of one’s home and often the last thing one remembers when leaving your home. It is a relatively inexpensive but this cost will give your property an edge over others.

4) Improve your Bathroom:

When a property gets to a certain age one needs to make improvements to your bathroom. Leaky tap, peeling wallpaper next to the shower, moulds in the sealing or cracks in the floor/walls tiles will sure leave a negative impression. In buyer’s view, all these would mean additional costs for repair which will bring down the price of the property.  Renovating your bathroom can cost you a few hundred to thousands, it is important to priorities to only what is necessary.

5) Kitchen Repairs:

A kitchen area is a place where most of the time is spent in the house. An upgraded kitchen not only makes the property attractive but adds value to your house. Buyers place a lot of value in kitchens within a property, so by making yours attractive, you’ll be boosting any offers that come in. Adding a stone benchtop is an easy way of making a kitchen look expensive at a relatively low cost. Renovating a kitchen can cost thousands, therefore, it is crucial you spend money on aspects that add value at the lowest cost. It is advised to consult one of our interior designers prior to renovating for the purpose of placing the property into the market.